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Strategies to Effectively Manage Shipping Logistics
Feb 17

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The increase in demand for goods has brought about a heightened need for sophisticated shipping logistics. Fulfillment companies in this 3PL West Coast space must have sound planning, organization, control, and execution in order to fulfill the increasing flow of shipped items every year.

Lowering Costs in Logistics Management

A key component of supply chain management is logistics management – a system of controls that ensures efficient delivery and integrity of shipping freight. 

Today, logistics management stakeholders are faced with increasing challenges involving costs. Examples include labor and fuel, which both exhibit shortages leading to increased costs to meet growing demand. In tandem with these issues are the sustainability considerations involving the extraction of fossil fuels. Environmental impact, safety, and security must be addressed by logistics firms to limit liability and damaging repercussions. Employing a GPS system is one method of lowering fuel consumption, providing an easy way for shipping routes to be monitored and managed. This system will ensure that the most efficient routes are being utilized for transport. 

Automation is also used in the shipping industry to bolster efficiency. This automation via specialized software and machinery is applied both within warehouses and externally for route support. Within warehouses, we see the following examples: automated cranes, automated conveyors, sorting systems, and robots. For route support, the software can now manage the scheduling of containers to freight trains with updated information funneling back to the shipping company for accurate tracking. Fulfillment companies can also employ software to control customer inquiries, booking orders to ship, managing sales, accounting, and personnel. 

Outsourcing is another option to help manage shipping logistics. The benefit for carriers is they do not need to carry the burden of shipping and logistics management. A logistics service provider can absorb the logistics management needs and offer custom-tailored support by the industry.

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