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Specializing in receiving, warehousing and fulfillment, Westhub Logistics works with high-growth startups and well-known brands to deliver their products to consumers without delay or disruption. Our reputation is built on accurate inventory tracking, automation efficiency, customized orders and same-day delivery.

  • Sorting
  • Palletize/License plate
  • ASNs/BOLs
  • Cross docks
  • Computer entry
  • Strap & band
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Rotating inventory
  • Special projects
  • Floor/ Rack load
  • Pick/Pack status
  • Labeling/Marking
  • Storage
  • Light assembly
  • Repacking
  • Bagging
  • Pick and pack parcels
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Small package shipping with UPS & FedEx
  • Rush Service
  • Marking/Labeling/Marking
  • Transfers
  • Same day Local Service options
  • SmartParcel Shipping


For clients selling on Amazon or to Target stores, WestHub is a preferred fulfillment partner, ensuring orders are fulfilled on a national scale, as needed.

For Amazon sellers, consider us to lower your costs while keeping all shipment options available. We’ll manage your relationship with Amazon, keep track of your orders and calculate when additional products need stocking.

For Target manufacturers, domestic and overseas, we get your product into stores on time and on budget. As one of the best third party fulfillment companies in California, it is our business to bring unprecedented personalized customer service to help you empower your brand and build profitability.

Amazon sellers: our fulfillment fees are competitive

Our per pallet storage cost is much less when compared to Amazon. We can save you costs, keep your stock count accurate for Amazon requirements, perform regular stock calculations, and automatically forward products to Amazon for fulfillment. Westhub can ship all of your other orders through your website and other sites besides Amazon. Orders that are not placed on Amazon are fulfilled directly by Westhub.

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