The Best Warehouse Management System for Inventory Accuracy

When using a 3PL like Westhub Logistics, you send your inventory to a fulfillment center to begin processing orders for your business. All 3PLs have their own process called receiving, to obtain and store inventory in the fulfillment center. This often includes storing items in a designated area/location of the warehouse and inputting these locations into an inventory management system to help keep accurate inventory counts of all products.

Outsourced Shipping Services with State-of-the-Art Receiving Systems

As one of the top 3PL Bay Area logistics companies for both B2B and B2C companies selling dry goods, our processes stand out—including Cross-docking in California and other receiving services—using leading warehouse management and processing systems to ensure inventory accuracy.

Westhub Logistic

Along with cross-dock services, our receiving services include the following:


We count every case on the pallet when received and make sure that your shipment doesn’t come up short.


Palletization is the process of arranging cartons on the pallet to maximize stability and special efficiency. Pallets are used for storing and transporting your inventory, because they allow dozens of boxes to be moved at once with the help of a forklift or pallet jack. For retail fulfillment, retailers usually receive and store goods in palletized form so they can rearrange the inventory faster and store it more concisely.

ASNs and BOLs

We handle advanced shipping notifications (ASN) electronically. Similar to a packing slip, ASNs are sent to a warehouse management system (WMS) from us that provides detailed information about the incoming shipment.

A bill of lading (BOL) is essential when shipping, as it contains the details of the shipped items and is more or less a receipt that is given by the carrier of the shipment to the recipient. Since we work on the shipper’s behalf, we complete and fully customize BOLs so you don’t have to get bogged down with paperwork.

Cross Docking

With cross-docking, we move products directly from the receiving area to the shipping area for distribution, rather than being stored in the warehouse for a period of time

Computer Entry

We use the latest software for data entry and computer-to-computer transmission of electronic information. Your orders can be communicated from a website or portal to a warehouse for processing.

By not relying on manual or analog processes to run our warehouse, but instead use a warehouse management system to record and operate all functions, we receive and process orders seamlessly. However, we always keep it customized and keep in touch with our clients so it never feels cold or impersonal.

Strap and Band

We bundle products via strapping or banding for bundling, reinforcement and securing items to pallets. Strapping materials come in three varieties: polypropylene, polyester, and steel and are selected based on the size and materials of the shipment.

Westhub Logistic

Receiving Checklist*

When it comes to 3PL, once your inventory arrives in our warehouse, we do the following to ensure integrity and efficiency:

• We measure our dock-to-stock time so we can correct any inefficiencies.
• Our warehouse management system uses automation to suggest/direct inventory placement.
• Pallet racks and floor locations are labeled clearly and barcoded.
• Items are barcoded with either Pallet License Plates or retail-ready UPC codes.
• Implement a paperless process for 100% scan-based item validation and putaway.
• Our warehouse team has access to receiving status in real time.
• Our warehouse has automatic notifications setup with customers, notifying them of any inventory changes.

*Inspired by 3PL Central’s Checklist