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Founder Weston Cook set out to reimagine the impersonal—and often impractical—3PL industry by starting a family-owned and operated 3PL company with homegrown values and an emphasis on serving local businesses with improved customization and optimization. Based in Livermore, Westhub Logistics serves both startups and big brands with a variety of fulfillment needs.

We’re Passionate About Customer Service

Our Promise

We believe taking the industry up a notch means bringing customer service back down to earth. Though we are small, we are mighty. And we believe our integrity is incomparable.

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Our Team

We are here for you every step of the way. Meet the people who maintain an eagle eye on your business on your behalf.

Weston Cook - Founder
Weston Cook

With over 20 years of experience in logistics, transportation and delivery industries, Weston Cook founded Westhub Logistics, with the purpose of partnering with clients to meet their customers’ needs in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Prior, Cook founded and ran several large businesses in similar spaces. He enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs and hiking backcountry trails.

Jessica T. Ramos - Senior Sales Manager
Jessica T. Ramos
Senior Sales Manager

As Westhub Logistics’ Senior Sales Manager, Jessica Ramos is responsible for the company’s strategic development, growth and profitability. Prior to her current role, Jessica has held various leadership roles and helped accelerate operational support in sales/retail and new business development.

Emery Lykin - Operations Manager
Emery Lykin
Operations Manager

With a background in business development and project management, Emery Lykins has spent the least 20 years focusing on creating and implementing operational systems for a variety of businesses, small and large. Part of the Westhub team from the very beginning, Lykins brings a history of meeting customer expectations and maintaining positive client relationships.

Christine Cook - Accountant
Christine Cook

Christine has over 20 years of experience in accounting administration and logistics. She is a valued asset to our team. She has a passion to manage and grow Westhub’s financial well-being. Christine provides her team with expert advice, professionalism, responsiveness and peace of mind. She enjoys spending time with her family if not driving the racetrack.

Sunita Chanal - HR Manager
Sunita Chanal
HR Manager

Sunita Chahal brings several years of diverse human resources and recruiting experience to the Westhub team. Prior, Chahal worked for corporate, retail and start-up companies, where she coordinated open enrollment plans, addressed employee issues, and trained and guided team members on the HR processes. She currently oversees all aspects of human resources practices and processes, including managing the complete employee lifecycle.

Dario Real - Warehouse Manager
Dario Real
Warehouse Manager

Dario Real is responsible for leading Westhub Logistics’ day-to-day warehouse operations. Real has 20 years of exceptional customer service, warehouse management, and logistical experience. Dario is deadline-driven and detail oriented. He is a professional leader adept in materials management and cost reductions. Possesses excellent organizational and problem solving skills.