Amazon sellers need unlimited warehousing and personal customer care, so you don’t have to choose high fees for idle inventory or sale losses due to low inventory.

True Customer Care with Third Party Logistics for Amazon Sellers

Whether it’s the holidays or an unexpected surge in your product’s popularity, you need ecommerce fulfillment services that won’t abandon your success by limiting the amount of warehouse space and throwing your timelines off course, resulting in unhappy customers. For sellers with Amazon, 3rd party warehouse solutions is the answer.

Our ecommerce order fulfillment capabilities can lower your costs and spare you the financial penalties often associated with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

For those who’ve relied on a California Amazon fulfillment center, let Westhub Logistics be your new partner in 3PL fulfillment. We’ll ensure proper product preparation, hit the designated delivery windows, properly send advanced shipping notifications (ASN) and correct purchase order information. You won’t have the headache of managing your relationship with Amazon—that’s our job. And we’ll also keep track of your orders and never let your product go unstocked.

What’s the problem with FBA?

Why shouldn’t the largest e-tailer in the industry store, manage and deliver your inventory? In 2020, their sales reached $386 billion. With their behemoth infrastructure in place, why wouldn’t you want to be part of that powerhouse?

Well, the bigger the business, the bigger the problems. And if you’re a small to medium sized business, you can get lost in the shuffle.

Rising fees:

FBA’s fulfillment fees have increased up to 20% in 2021. Extra fees for busy periods can make a big dent in your business wallet.

Customization is lacking:

Amazon has streamlined its process to a fault. Meaning, to deal with the high volume of product they have built an amazing and impressive infrastructure, but in order to keep it all moving, they must stick with a rigid process that limits the personalization. Products are packed, wrapped and shipped in a way that does not allow for modification. Likewise, packing is either plain or Amazon-branded, so you lose the opportunity for another branding touchpoint with consumers.

Limited storage:

As many of you know, in August of 2020 Amazon limited its storage capacity for third-party sellers. And we know how this makes you lose sales, especially during the holiday rush, due to delays (anywhere from 10 days to two weeks during a high season) and the inability to restock fast enough to meet the demand, and ultimately, customers go elsewhere. For new products, shipments are further limited until a proven track record is built, making it harder for new sellers at the start. In addition, the limits Amazon set—and it varies by category and history—cannot be appealed by sellers.

Lack of inventory control and hidden costs:

The people picking your inventory are human, so it’s understood there will be errors, but one of the biggest complaints of FBA is mishandled inventory and mis-picks. A 2013 Intermec study surveyed 250 supply chain and distribution managers across the US, UK, France and Germany, and discovered there was an overall annual loss of almost $400K due to mis-picks. At the time, the average mis-pick cost a company approximately $22. Today, estimates are up to $100. In addition, with lost, missing and damaged inventory, you have to constantly monitor and manage in order to get properly reimbursed. You’re better off with a 3PL that saves you time and money.

Lowered search ranking algorithms:

Many Amazon sellers have experienced their listings getting a demotion. As inventory lowers, they appear lower in search listings via Amazon’s ranking algorithm.

What are the benefits of Westhub Logistics 3PL ecommerce fulfillment process?

Avoid the log jam of FBA customer care.

As a third-party seller, you shouldn’t have to call an Amazon 800 number to do business. With Westhub, one of our associates provides personal care you can count on. Every one of our representatives is highly trained and knowledgeable in 3PL and remains in communication from start to fulfillment.

No more unnecessary fees.

The monthly storage fees Amazon imposes are an added cost that frequently change and become burdensome when you’re dealing with bulk orders. As a 3PL, we offer lower storage fees that sellers can leverage by only shipping their products to Amazon when supply is running low, to ensure their products are not sitting in Amazon’s warehouse for extended periods. We also offer cross-docking services when you arrange for your suppliers to ship directly to our warehouse. We then package your products and send them to Amazon or store them for you.

More control over your inventory.

A major downside to the FBA program is that sellers are required to send a large portion, if not all inventory, to an Amazon fulfillment center (in our case, a California Amazon fulfillment center). When all of your items are stored with Amazon you’re relinquishing physical control of the inventory. This stymies your capability to keep up with competitors.

Full packaging solutions.

Our ecommerce fulfillment services include:
Tracking and Monitoring
Small Package Shipping with UPS and FedEx
Rush Service
Marking / Labeling
Same-Day Local Service Options
SMARTParcel™ Shipping

We also provide:

Shrink Wrapping
Rotating Inventory
Special Projects / Light Assembly
Floor / Rack Load
Pick / Pack Status
Labeling / Marking