Retail fulfillment of dry goods for B2B and B2C in the Bay Area is our business; personalized customer service is our passion.

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For third party fulfillment companies, the process ultimately begins with picking. When your order is entered into a 3PL’s warehouse management system (WMS), a packing slip is created that gives the locations and quantities of each item ordered. 3PL team members then collect the products from their designated location.


With all the picked items in hand, the 3PL team prepares the products for shipment. This includes choosing the best packing materials to protect the products and keep the packages as small and light as possible to save your business money. This packaging can include, but is not limited to, boxes, bubble wrap, and polybags. It also depends on your preferences and what the 3PL has in stock. Some ecommerce sellers choose to use custom packaging to highlight their brand.

Tracking and Monitoring

Our warehouse management system tracks and monitors every piece of inventory every step of the way.

Small Package Shipping with UPS and FedEx

No packages are too small and we collaborate with UPS and FedEx to get small packages to the right doorsteps.

Rush Service

Whether it’s the holiday rush, a recall replacement or a last-minute sale, we get your inventory to your customers
on time and on-budget.


We purchase and print all shipping labels, a key element in all inbound and outbound warehousing logistics. When inventory contains hazardous material, we remain compliant with government regulations when it comes to marking and labeling, so your products are stored and delivered properly without accident or incident.


Part of our inventory management includes moving product from one warehouse location to another or between storage units within the same warehouse.

Same-Day Local Service Options

Bay Area logistic companies like Westhub offer same-day shipping and delivery. By utilizing this service, your customers know you are a brand that can fulfill their last-minute needs and instant gratification. That’s the beauty of brand building in ecommerce fulfillment.

SMARTParcel™ Shipping

Among fulfillment companies, SMARTParcel™ offers a process that skips the headaches and constantly changing regulations and pricing of the US Postal Service. Benefits of SMARTParcel™ include the elimination of:

• Fuel surcharges
• Residential surcharges
• Delivery area surcharges to residential addresses (DAS)
• Delivery area surcharges to commercial addresses (DAS)
• Surcharge to a residence in a DAS (pay both charges)
• Address correction fee
• Saturday delivery fees

Source: Smartparcel.us

Westhub Logistic
A Special Message to Amazon Sellers

With over 300 million active members worldwide, and the leading online retailer in the United States, Amazon has become one of the largest sales channels for most US sellers. In turn, with the number of sales options for sellers significantly increasing on Amazon, so too do the complications. An experienced 3PL can help optimize your sales channels, and save your business time and money while you still sell through Amazon.

Our personalized approach has already drawn the attention of so many Amazon sellers. We manage your relationship with Amazon, keep track of your orders and calculate when additional products need stocking.

Let our 3PL help

Amazon has strict requirements when receiving products from sellers. From the product UPC code to how those products are packaged to the bulk shipping requirements, all of these variables add up. Our 3PL can take your inventory directly from the manufacturer and prepare it for Amazon bulk delivery.

Avoid or lessen financial penalties.

Products that are not prepared according to Amazon requirements are subject to monetary penalties called chargebacks. The different types of chargebacks include, but are not limited to:

Avoid or lessen financial penalties.

Products that are not prepared according to Amazon requirements are subject to monetary penalties called chargebacks. The different types of chargebacks include, but are not limited to:

• a lack of proper product preparation;
• missing designated delivery windows;
• not sending the properly advanced shipping notification (ASN); and
• submitting the incorrect purchase order information.

Chargebacks can result in a predefined flat fee penalty or a percent of your gross sales on Amazon. Our 3PL can help minimize or eliminate these chargebacks.

No unpredictable monthly fees.

Amazon also has monthly storage fees that frequently change. While these fees may seem insignificant when dealing with a few items, they can quickly add up when you are dealing with bulk orders.

More inventory control.

Controlling inventory can prove to be difficult when a major downside to the FBA program is that sellers are required to send a large portion, if not all inventory, to an Amazon fulfillment center (in our case, a San Francisco Amazon fullment center). Keeping track of the demand for products and adjusting to meet consumer wants can be costly: when all of your items are stored with Amazon you’re relinquishing physical control of the inventory and met with a huge disadvantage to keep up with competitors.

Lower storage fees, higher cost savings.

As a 3PL, we offer lower storage fees and significant cost savings. Sellers can leverage our lower storage fees by only shipping their products to Amazon when supply is running low to ensure their products are not sitting in Amazon’s warehouse for extended periods. Not unlike other 3rd party logistics companies we offer cross docking services when you arrange for your suppliers to ship directly to our warehouse. We then package your products and send them to Amazon or store them for you.

Custom branding.

Likewise, branding is important when creating your business’s image, and with Westhub Logistics 3PL, we can provide your own packaging solutions.

Personal customer care.

Communicating with Amazon has been proven to be difficult, with having to call into the same 800 number as consumers. With Westhub, you have a dedicated associate prepared to answer all questions. We have an onboarding process specific to 3PL, and will be in frequent communication before and after product launch. We handle both B2B and B2C fulfillment, resulting in one ecommerce fulfillment partner for all sales channels.