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5 Proven Ways to Successfully Outsource Shipping Logistics
May 18

Outsourcing and shipping are made easy with Westhub Logistics

When selecting a shipping logistics outsourcing partner, it is important to keep certain considerations in mind regarding the relationship. Here are five strategies you can use to facilitate a smoother partnership to achieve shipping goals: 

Improve the Efficiency of your Business Processes

First, understand that all departments of your 3PL west coast firm impact supply chain management. Adopt a 360 mindset that brings visibility to all departments related to shipping logistics, allowing for open and honest feedback to be provided by teams in contact with the outsource provider. This way, outcomes are better managed and achieved. 

Second, focus on measuring outcomes rather than activities. As previously mentioned, outcomes are indicators of success, and you can measure these against KPIs that are set for the outsource partner to hit. These KPIs can be used to outline expectations for productivity and efficiencies implemented.

Third, evaluate the technology you are currently using and what tools you may need in the future for success. In collaboration with the outsourcing partner, these tools will prove invaluable regarding your integrations. Features such as the ability to craft dashboards and reports to gauge performance and cloud computing for your storage needs are powerful data-driven assets to aid your expansion efforts.

Fourth, decide what pieces of the business you would like to hand over to the outsourcing partner. You can provide the entire set of business lines or only a select few. The latter is a unique opportunity where the outsource partner can leverage existing departments and talent within your fulfillment company, thus increasing efficiency and providing more visibility on business activities. 

Fifth, there are risk factors to consider when partnering with an outsource partner. Make sure you thoroughly research and vet the partner before engaging in any shipping logistics particulars. Outline and consider all operational, financial/legal, and brand reputation/service risk potential pain points in order to make the most informed partnership decision.

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