Small But Mighty' Logistics Company Reimagines 3PL
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Westhub Logistics – Warehouse Management Partner
Jan 12

‘Small but mighty’ logistics company reimagines 3PL on the West Coast

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Westhub Logistics (WHL), a Bay Area-based third-party logistics (3PL) company, announced their entry into the market for both B2B and B2C companies selling dry goods.

Specializing in receiving, warehousing and fulfillment, WHL has built a reputation on accurate inventory tracking, automation efficiency, customized orders, and same-day delivery.

A Stronger Supply Chain for Better Business

Though Westhub may not be as large a company as its competitors, founder Weston Cook does not see this as a hindrance. “There’s this popular illusion that bigger is better. Though we are small, we are mighty,” Cook says. “And we believe our integrity is incomparable.”

Cook set out to “reimagine the impersonal—and often impractical—3PL industry” by launching a family-owned, personally operated company built on integrity, with an emphasis on serving local businesses. “I have always believed that taking things up a notch means bringing customer service down to earth,” said Cook.

Their personalized approach has drawn the attention of Amazon sellers. They manage sellers’ relationships with Amazon, keep track of their orders, and calculate when additional products need stocking.

Likewise, with the pandemic forcing shifts in business strategy and paving the way for more online retail businesses to grow, WHL sees itself as a partner that can meet the moment.

Sales Manager Jessica Ramos says, “With today’s logistical challenges and highly competitive online retail demand, we put our clients at the center with our customer-friendly solutions and straightforward pricing.”

For more information, please contact Jessica Ramos at 408-585-9346 or

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